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Terms & Conditions

When you book a room at Djursholms Castle, you accept the terms and conditions listed below.

§ 1
Djursholms Castle's party and meeting venues may be rented out to individuals for the celebration of birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. The venue may also be rented to societies and companies for conferences and other special occasions.

§ 2
The venue may be rented out only during those times when it is considered compatible with the work of the municipal office. When renting the venue, the number of guests must not exceed 110 sitting guests or 140 persons at a mingle style event.

§ 3
There is a fixed rate for hiring a room. This includes the cost of cleaning, heat, electricity, normal wear and tear, as well as use of linen, china, silverware and so forth.

§ 4
Food and serving staff may only be booked through the catering firms with which Djursholms Castle has a contract.

§ 5

  • You may play music only until 1 am, due to consideration for the neighbours.
  • Sound equipment and orchestras must be tailored/take care not to cause undue noise and disturbance to the surrounding neighbours.
  • The use of smoke machines and fireworks is not permitted within the castle.
  • Djurholms Castle is a non-smoking area.
  • Any serving of alcohol by the bar must be finished by 1 pm.
  • The venue may be used until 2.30 pm on the night of rental.
  • Cars may only enter the court yard for pick-ups and deliveries.

§ 6
If you wish to rent the venue you are obligated to:

  • Consider the rules and regulations for the use of the venues.
  • Accept responsibility for the behaviour of your guests.
  • Compensate for any damage that may occur to the place and equipment while you rent.
  • Replace any china or glassware that may have broken while you have used it.

§ 7
If you wish to book a licensed wedding official, you may book this through the municipality of Danderyd.

Book a wedding official in Danderyd (for a civil wedding) (in Swedish)

§ 8
All prices may be subject to change.