About Danderyd

Municipality and politics

Danderyd, Djursholm, Enebyberg and Stocksund constitutes the municipality of Danderyd. The municipality has an area of 28 square kilometres where 15 kilometres border to water (Edsviken, Stocksundet and Värtan), with a population of approximately 32 000 inhabitants. The municipality’s green area makes up 20 percent of the surface with many opportunities for recreation. Each of part of the municipality has a centre square, a library and a sports ground/centre.

Political governance in Danderyd

Danderyd municipality is governed by a coalition consisting of Moderata samlingspartiet, Liberalerna and Kristdemokraterna. The municipality’s supreme decision-making body is the municipal council. The council has 45 members in total from seven political parties. President of the council is Boris von Uexküll.

Distribution of mandates

The council elects the executive committee. The responsibilities of the executive committee includes budget as well as leading and coordinating the work in the municipality. Danderyd’s executive committee consists of 13 members.

Full-time chairman of the executive committee is Hanna Bocander (M). Bengt Sylvan (Liberalerna) is the vice chairman of the executive committee. Siv Sahlström (C) is the second vice chairman of the executive committee and member of the working committee.

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