Entry parking and residential parking

Kontaktcenter can help you apply or re-apply for your parking permit. Parking permits for a company car are also handled from here. Did you know that you can renew your parking permit from your computer at home?

Parking permit

Use our public computer

If you wish you can use our public computer with internet for shorter errands. You may also print out black and white documents for a cost of 3 kronor per page.

Talk to a notary

The notary has the task to help the general public to check and certify the accuracy of different documents. You will find them at Kontaktcenter every Monday 16:00-18:00.

Enviromental container for electronic waste

In our environmental container, also known as Samlaren, you may leave batteries, small electronic devices and light sources except fluorescent lights.


Uppdaterad: 2024-05-23