Pre-school and school

To apply for kindergarten, pre-school, school and after-school center you use our e-service. You sign in using your Bank id. It is possible to change the language settings to English.

The school selection period

The school selection for the autumn semester of 2024 is open between the 22nd of January and the 12th of February 2024.

During this period the following children and students should apply for school: 

  • All children who turn six years old during the year when the current school selections are held need to select a school for ”förskoleklass”, meaning the preliminary grade prior to first grade.
  • All students who are to begin seventh grade next semester need to select a school.
  • Some students starting fourth grade.

The parent/guardian concerned by these selections is informed via e-mail or post. Please note that even if you don't have received any information by e-mail or post from us you are still welcome to make a school selection.

How to select a school during the school selection period

  1. All applications for schools and kindergarten has to be made through our e-service Mitt skolval. Use your digital identification, Bank ID, to sign in.

    To change the language settings, choose your language in the scroll list in the lower left corner where it stands "Byt språk".

  2. After you have signed in, select the child that you want to make the school selection for. Then click on ”Apply for schools” in the lower corner to the right and follow the steps to complete the application.

  3. The parent/guardian not doing the selection must also log in and confirm the selections.

Link to the e-service Mitt skolval

To apply for kindergarten, pre-school and school

When it is not the school selection period you can apply for kindergarten, pre-school and school through our e-service. You need a digital identification, Bank ID, to sign in. After you have signed in, click on "Anpassa" to the right, to change language settings på English.

E-service for applying to pre-school, school and kindergarten

Education for adults

Kunskapscentrum Nordost is responsible for all applications. Please follow the link to their website for more information:

Kunskapcentrum Nordosts website

Special education for adults

Special education for adults with intellectual dissabilities and acquired brain injury. The aim with this education is to give individuals the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, and thus strengthening their position on the work market and encouraging personal development. Courses are available at both primary and secondary level.

Contact: Täby Lärvux, telephone number to principal: 08-555 584 90, telephone number to special education teacher: 08-555 584 95

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