Emergency preparedness in the municipality of Danderyd

The municipality is responsible for all the provision services such as care for the elderly, water supply, education and emergency and rescue services. The municipality will ensure that these activities also work during a crisis.

It is important that you as an individual take responsibility for your own safety by taking precautions in case of an emergency or extraordinary event.

Important links for information

Sveriges radio - Swedish national radio

Din säkerhet - Your safety (information in Swedish only)
Vårdguiden1177 - Health care on the web and phone, also in English
Krisinformation - Emergency information, in English also

Important phone numbers

  • 112 – emergency services
  • 113 13 – to report or ask about large accidents or crisis
  • 114 14 – to report non-emergency crimes to the police


If the community needs to quickly be informed of an emergency an alarm will go off. This alarm is called the VMA (Viktigt Meddelande till Allmänheten or Important Message to the community) and sometimes Hesa Fredrik (hoarse Fredrik)

The alarm will go off for seven seconds twice with a 14 second pause in between signals. When the danger is over the alarm will sound for 30 seconds straight.

The alarm is tested at 15:00 the first non-bank holiday Monday of March, June, September and December.

When you hear the alarm:

  • go inside
  • close all doors, windows and any extra ventilation
  • put on the tv or listen to the radio, preferably Sveriges television
  • do not go outside until you’ve heard the 30 second alarm that signals that.

Emergency - crisis or other problem

Prima Akutenheten NoA is an emergency psychiatric clinic. They are open every day of the year around the clock. You will find them at the hospital of Danderyd in section 31. 

Telephone: 08-123 558 58

Emergency help for substance abuse

St Görans beroendeakut 08-123 459 00
St Görans beroendeakut

Maria Ungdom 08-123 474 10 (for adolescents)
Maria Ungdom  

BRIS - childrens' help line

BRIS is the service for children needing to talk to a supporting adult. The call will not show up on the phone bill.
Telephone: 116 111

BRIS for adults is the service for parents who need someone to talk to about their child. 
Telephone: 077-150 50 50

Women’s shelter support line

This is a national support hotline for those who are being threatened, beaten or sexually abused or friends and family who are worried. They are open around the clock and the call will not show up on the phone bill. 

Kvinnofridslinjen telephone: 020-50 50 50


The support hotline for men who are being threatened, beaten or sexually abused or friends and family who are worried. 
Mansjouren telephone: 08-30 30 20


Brottsofferjouren is a volunteer based organization who offer support to those who have been exposed to or witnessed a crime. You have the right to be anonymous.
Brottsofferjouren telephone 0200-21 20 19

Hjälplinjen – the crisis support hotline

If you are in the midst of a mental crisis or a difficult life situation you have the possibility to call this support hotline fo counseling and support. 
Hjälplinjen telephone 020-22 00 60

Social services on call

If you are living in Danderyd you can call the on call social services during evenings and weekends. The social services can offer you advice if you are in need of emergency help.

Opening hours are Mondays-Thursdays 16:30 – 02:00, Fridays 15:00-02.00 and weekends and bank holidays 16:00-02:00.

Telephone: 08 – 410 200 40

The on call service has an extra preparedness during weekdays 02:00 – 08:00 and weekends 02:00-16:00. During those hours you need to call the police switchboard, telephone 114 14. Ask to be patched through to the duty officer in charge (vakthavande befäl) for Danderyd.

During office hours you may call the municipality’s switchboard at 08-568 910 00.

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