Förbud mot att elda och grilla i Stockholms län

2018-07-20 10:06

Det är förbjudet att elda i hela Stockholms län. Förbudet omfattar alla former av öppen eld, till exempel att grilla på iordningställda grillplatser samt att använda trangiakök, stormkök eller medtagen grill.

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Danderyd.se - Summaries in English


Here you will find summaries in English from Danderyd.se. If you need more information, please contact Information Danderyd, 08-568 912 60, monday 8-19, tuesday-friday 8-18, saturday 11-15.

Emergency preparedness in the municipality of Danderyd

The municipality is responsible for all the provision services such as care for the elderly, water supply, education and emergency and rescue services. The municipality will ensure that these activities also work during a crisis.

It is important that you as an individual take responsibility for your own safety by taking precautions in case of an emergency or extraordinary event.

Important links for information

Sveriges radio - Swedish national radio

Din säkerhet - Your safety

Vårdguiden1177 - Health care on the web and phone

Krisinformation - Emergency information

Försvarsmakten - The defence power

Important phone numbers

112 – emergency services

113 13 – to report or ask about large accidents or crisis

114 14 – to report non-emergency crimes to the police


If the community needs to quickly be informed of an emergency an alarm will go off. This alarm is called the VMA (Viktigt Meddelande till Allmänheten or Important Message to the community) and sometimes Hesa Fredrik (hoarse Fredrik)

The alarm will go off for seven seconds twice with a 14 second pause in between signals. When the danger is over the alarm will sound for 30 seconds straight.

The alarm is tested at 15:00 the first non-bank Monday of March, June, September and December.

When you hear the alarm:

  • go inside
  • close all doors, windows and any extra ventilation
  • put on the tv or listen to the radio, preferably Sveriges television
  • do not go outside until you’ve heard the 30 second alarm that signals that.

Accident insurance

The municipality has a collective insurance for:

    children who are in kindergarten (förskola), applies during opening hours
  • children who are in school, applies around the clock
  • those groups of which the municipality has a certain responsibility.

The municipality has a collective insurance for:

  • School travels for children
  • Work travels for municipal employees

The insurance company used is Stockholmregionens försäkring AB

New in Sweden - What types of support can you receive?

If you have recently arrived to Sweden and you have a permit of residence (uppehållstillstånd) you will be offered housing via Migrationsverket. Through this you may be offered transitionary housing in Danderyd. If this is the case you will be contacted by someone from the refugee administration, who will help you with everything you need to know about your move to Danderyd.

The refugee administration work closely with Arbetsförmedlingen, other officials from the municipality as well as volunteer based organisations. If you have children you will get help to apply for schools or pre-schools.

The Welcome center in Danderyd 

The Welcome center in Danderyd is based in the library of Danderyd in Mörby centrum on the 5th floor. Opening hours are Tuesdays 13-15, Thursdays 10-12 and Fridays 13-15.  

At the Welcome center you may speak to a volunteer about living in Danderyd and Sweden. All volunteers have received training and have duty of confidentiality, meaning anything you talk about stays between the participants of the conversation. Languages spoken at the center are among others Arabic, Tigrinja and English.

The right to an interpreter

If you do not speak or understand  Swedish you have the right to ask for an interpreter in the language you wish for. This is regardless of your business with the municipality and is free of cost. If you would like and interpreter, please contact your administrator or your contact person.

If you are visually impaired you have the right to get any municipal decision read aloud. If you are hearing impaired or have difficulty speaking you may also ask for an interpreter.

SFI – Swedish for immigrants

The right to study SFI applies regardless of your reason of studies or your type of permit of residence. From the second half year the same year you turn 20 years old you have the right to study SFI during days or evenings. There are several different places for studying, if you are unsure you can contact Kunskapscentrum Nordost in Täby. You apply for SFI through the web form at Kunskapscentrum nordosts website.

Kunskapscentrum nordost

Social orientation

If you are 18 – 64 years old, immigrated to Sweden through family ties or completely new to Sweden and have refugee status, you have the right to take part in a societal orientation in Stockholm. The orientation consists of 72 hours of course material and is available in Swedish with an interpreter or in your own language. You are recommended to apply as soon as possible as the course has several start dates. If you have refugee status your application goes through Arbetsförmedlingen. If you have migrated to Sweden because of family ties you need to contact the municipality. You can always ask for help at the office of social services. Please call the municipal switchboard at 08 568 910 00 and ask to be patched through to the administration for refugees to receive help.

Contact the municipality of Danderyd


The easiest way to come in contact with us is by using one of the links below:

Service advice

Queries and considerations


08-568 910 00

Our reception staff will guide you to the proper administration or employee. Opening hours are  Mondays to Fridays 8:00-16:40. For opening hours during holidays and bank holidays, please visit this link.

Opening hours

Visit us

Information Danderyd

Information Danderyd is located on the 4th floor in Mörby centrum. Opening hours are: Mondays 8:00-19:00, Tuesdays to Fridays 8:00-18:00 and Saturdays 11:00-15:00.

Social Media

You are welcome to follow us on our social media platforms:



Press Contact

Contact list to municipal council, the municipal director and the head of the communications department.

Contact municipal employees via email


Preschool personnel:

School personnel: d.se

Information Danderyd

Located on the 4th floor of Mörby centrum, Information Danderyd is the municipal contact center in Danderyd. We can help you with questions regarding parking, zoning plans, building permits, cultural events and other activities. If you have an appointment you register with Information Danderyd.

Entry parking and residential parking 

Information Danderyd can help you apply or re-apply for your parking permit. Parking permits for a company car are also handled from here.

Did you know that you can renew your parking permit from your computer at home?

Parking permit

Use our public computer
If you wish you can use our public computer with internet for shorter errands. You may also print out black and white documents for a cost of 3 kronor per page.

Talk to a notary
The notary has the task to help the general public to check and certify the accuracy of different documents. You will find them at Information Danderyd every Monday 16:00-18:00.

Enviromental container for electronic waste
In our environmental container, also known as Samlaren, you may leave batteries, small electronic devices and light sources except fluorescent lights.

Social services on call

If you are living in Danderyd you have the possibility to call the on call social services during evenings and weekends. The social services can offer you advice if you are in need of emergency help.

Opening hours are Mondays-Thursdays 16:30 – 02:00, Fridays 15:00-02.00 and weekends and bank holidays 16:00-02:00.

Telephone: 08 – 410 200 40

The on call service has an extra preparedness during weekdays 02:00 – 08:00 and weekends 02:00-16:00. During those hours you need to call the police switchboard, telephone 114 14. Ask to be patched through to the duty officer in charge (vakthavande befäl) for Danderyd.

During office hours you may call the municipality’s switchboard at 08-568 910 00.

Emergency - mental crisis or other problem

Prima Akutenheten NoA is an emergency psychiatric clinic. They are open every day of the year around the clock. You will find them at the hospital of Danderyd in section 31. 

Telephone: 08-123 558 58

Emergency help for substance abuse

St Görans beroendeakut 08-123 459 00
St Görans beroendeakut

Capio Marias akutmottagning 08-684 00 400
Capio Marias akutmottagning

Maria Ungdom 08-123 474 10 (for adolescents)
Maria Ungdom  


BRIS is the service for children needing to talk to a supporting adult. The call will not show up on the phone bill.
Telephone: 116 111

BRIS for adults is the service for parents who need someone to talk to about their child. 
Telephone: 077-150 50 50

Women’s shelter support line

This is a national support hotline for those who are being threatened, beaten or sexually abused or friends and family who are worried. They are open around the clock and the call will not show up on the phone bill. 
Kvinnofridslinjen telephone: 020-50 50 50


The support hotline for men who are being threatened, beaten or sexually abused or friends and family who are worried. 
Mansjouren telephone: 08-30 30 20


Brottsofferjouren is a volunteer based organization who offer support to those who have been exposed to or witnessed a crime. You have the right to be anonymous.
Brottsofferjouren telephone 0200-21 20 19

Hjälplinjen – the crisis support hotline

If you are in the midst of a mental crisis or a difficult life situation you have the possibility to call this support hotline fo counseling and support. 
Hjälplinjen telephone 020-22 00 60

Municipal income support

To apply for income support you need to call the social service administration and book an introductory meeting. Call the municipality’s switchboard and ask for the one responsible for income support (försörjningsstöd).

Telephone: Opening hours are Mondays-Fridays 13-14

Kindergarten, pre-school and school

School selections for the autumn semester of 2018

Submissions for school selections open on Tuesday the 9th of January and close on Thursday the 8th of February.

Who is subject to selecting a school?

  • All children who turn six years old during the year when the current school selections are held need to select a school for ”förskoleklass”, meaning the preliminary grade prior to first grade. Starting with the autumn semester of 2018, ”förskoleklass” is compulsory.
  • All students who are to begin seventh grade next semester need to select a school.

How do I select a school?

  1. Log in with your Bank ID or usernamne and password at Ansök till förskola och skola (in Swedish)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on "Ärenden att besvara" and select your school by choosing three options and ranking them as your first, second and third choice. This applies to both municipal and private schools. You may also select a school outside of the municipality; ”Skola utanför kommunen”.
  3. The parent/guardian not doing the selection must also log in and confirm the selections by clicking "Ärenden att besvara" and ”bekräfta”.

Prior to the school selections, parents/guardians and children are welcome to open house events at different schools;  öppet hus och informationsträffar.

To apply for kindergarten, pre-school and school

Are you registered in the municipality of Danderyd?
Log in with e-legitimation/BankID

If you are not registered:
The first time you use our e-service you need to apply for a user account. Your will receive a letter of confirmation when your account is approved. You are then able to log in.

Apply for user account (first time user)

Log in with e-legitimation/BankID

If you are unable to use e-legitimation/BankId:

Apply for user account

Log in

To order e-legitimation/BankID:


To apply for education for adults

Kunskapscentrum Nordost is responsible for all applications. Please follow the link to their website for more information:

Kunskapcentrum Nordosts webbplats.


Special education

Special education for adults with intellectual dissabilities and acquired brain injury. The aim with this education is to give individuals the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, and thus strengthening their position on the work market and encouraging personal development. Courses are available at both primary and secondary level.

Contact: Täby Lärvux, telephone number to principal: 08-555 584 90, telephone number to special education teacher: 08-555 584 95

The libraries of Danderyd

The municipality of Danderyd has four libraries; in central Danderyd, Djursholm, Enebyberg and Stocksund. At the libraries you will find exhibitions, newspapers and magazines, computers with an internet connection and of course books and audio books for borrowing.

The libraries


 Mörby Centrum, plan 5
Telephone: 08-568 911 90


Vendevägen 7, Djursholms torg
Telephone: 08-568 911 93


Stockholmsv. 45, Stocksunds torg
Telephone: 08-568 911 97

Enebyberg (Träffpunkt Enebyberg)

Eneby torg
Telephone: 08-568 911 96


In the municipality of Danderyd you can park for a maximum of 24 hours unless otherwise stated. On most streets you can use the parking disc. For the inhabitants of the municipality there are also four entry parking spaces that you need a permit to use.

Good to know

On some of the streets there are no parking signs

You are allowed to park your car for a maximum of 24 hours if not stated otherwise. For general parking rules, you can find more information on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website.

Swedish Transport Agency

Parking supervision

Danderyd municipality has an agreement with SECURITAS AB for monitoring the municipality’s property. A parking ticket costs 300 or 700 SEK depending on the offense.

Parking ticket

There are two kinds of parking tickets. You may read what kind you have recieved by reading at the top of your ticket.

Electrical car

 If you own an electrical car and live in the municipality you have the possibility to get a parking permit so that you can park at the entry parking at Danderyd Hospital, weekdays between 7:00-16:00. To be permitted to use the parking spaces, you must charge your electrical car during the parking time. There is no other permission to use the charging post.

Entry parking

If you live in Danderyd, you can park your car on four designated parking lots in the municipality. Entry parking is valid from 7.00 to 16.00 and during this period a permit is required.

  • Stockholmsvägen in conjunction to Stocksund station.
  • The ring in conjunction to Mörby station.
  • Valevägen in conjunction to Djursholms Ösby station.
  • Hortus in conjunction to the metro station Danderyds sjukhus.
Requirements for entry parking:
  • You must be registered in Danderyd municipality.
  • The vehicle must be registered to you when you apply.

If you changed your car, the parking permit must also be replaced.

Apply for entry parking through the e-service for residential and entry parking service

Regarding company cars

You can also apply for an entry parking permit if you have a company car. We need a certificate from your employer with the following information:

  •  personal identification number
  •  the car’s registration number
  •  a certificate that you may use the car on your free time.

This certificate can be mailed to

Do you need help, contact the municipality’s service centre Information Danderyd at 08-568 912 60.

Show entry parking lots in Danderyd on a bigger map

Entry parking lots are open on weekdays

Entry parking is designated to the residents of Danderyd municipality only, on weekdays 7-16. After 16 on weekdays and Saturday and Sundays you do not need a permit to park. In order to use the parking lots, you must have a valid parking permit.

Residential parking

If you are registered in Danderyd municipality you can apply for residential parking for certain areas. You can use our e-service to apply. If you recently moved to Danderyd, you can get a temporary permit awaiting your new address to be registered.

Apply for a residential parking permit

  • You must be registered in Danderyd municipality.
  •  You need to be registered to address that is included in the residential parking area.
  •  The vehicle must be registered to you when you apply.

Residential parking costs

  • 2 SEK per hour
  • 50 SEK per 7 days
  • 200 SEK per month (30 days)

Residential parking also doubles as a permit for entry parking. If you have a temporary permit, you yourself must check when the permit expires and apply again.

Company car

You can also apply for a residential permit if you have a company car, but then you must bring a certificate from your employer with the following information:

  • personal identification number
  •  he cars registration number
  •  a certificate that the person may use the car privately.

This certificate can be mail to

Apply for residential parking

Apply for entry parking through the e-service for residential and entry parking service.

Residental parking

What rules apply to your street?

If you want to know what traffic rules apply to a specific address or area, you can use the Transport Agency’s traffic regulations service.

Swedish Transport Agency

Municipality and politics

Danderyd, Djursholm, Enebyberg and Stocksund constitutes the municipality of Danderyd. The municipality has an area of 28 square kilometres where 15 kilometres border to water (Edsviken, Stocksundet and Värtan), with a population of approximately 32 000 inhabitants. The municipality’s green area makes up 20 percent of the surface with many opportunities for recreation. Each of part of the municipality has a centre square, a library and a sports ground/centre.

Political management in Danderyd

Danderyd municipality is governed by a coalition consisting of Moderata samlingspartiet, Liberalerna and Kristdemokraterna. The municipality’s supreme decision-making body is the municipal council. The council has 45 members in total from seven political parties. President of the council is Boris von Uexküll.

Distribution of mandates

The council elects the executive committee. The responsibilities of the executive committee includes budget as well as leading and coordinating the work in the municipality. Danderyd’s executive committee consists of 13 members.

Full-time chairman of the executive committee is Olle Reichenberg (M). As of January 1st, 2015, Bengt Sylvan (Liberalerna, former Folkpartiet) is the vice chairman of the executive committee. Siv Sahlström (C) is the second vice chairman of the executive committee and member of the working committee.